To my couples... 

On photoshoots I like to get outside and enjoy the wild with you. I shoot the wind in your hair, the rain on your face and the mud under your feet. I’ll tell your story while we go on an adventure. 

On your wedding day, I capture it all. The excitement and tears, the epic plans and unexpected surprises, the major moments and the tiny details. My photojournalistic approach to documenting wedding days means that I tell your whole story. Each special moment you experience and all the amazing ones you don’t get to see. I give you the whole thing to relive over and over and over. 

To my families...

Lets meet at your house first, and shoot what real life looks like. Lets get comfy and play a little. Lets make breakfast, jump on the bed, read on the couch and see who you really are. 

Then lets meet somewhere outside! Go on a hike, play at a park, explore somewhere new. Lets shoot a little wild. Let’s get some fresh air in our photos and chase a little light together. 


Family sessions - $250

Engagement sessions - $300

Wedding Coverage starts at $2500

Please email for full wedding package pricing