Hi, I'm Lacey...

I'm a portrait, wedding and commercial photographer based out of Portland OR. I love traveling, reading, thai food, my dog Dexter and meeting new people to explore with. I have always been drawn to the wild and natural in life and that tends the be the case with my work as well. I am extremely passionate about telling real stories and connecting with authentic people. 

I'm not your typical photographer...

My approach to photography is all natural baby. I don’t to the stiff, cheesy or scripted poses. I do real life. I do the loud, the crazy, the quiet, the heavy, the joy and all of the magic within the in-betweens. I like to find out what makes each story tick and then capture that. I like to see you be truly and unapologetically you and then document that in a beautiful and unique way. That's what I do.

Things I totally dig...

  • Dogs, all dogs!
  • Rollercoasters with huge drops
  • Brides that don't mind getting messy
  • Feeling all the feelings
  • Surfing
  • Sriracha on EVERYTHING
  • Passionate people
  • Music that stirs the soul
  • Wearing black
  • Outdoor weddings


  • Traveling, anywhere, everywhere
  • Hiking and Exploring
  • Dancing, I will definitely dance at your wedding
  • Crying, I will also definitely cry at your wedding
  • Reading, reading, reading
  • Instant connections when meeting new people
  • Writing it all down
  • Marshmallows + Campfires

Let's chat...